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unlocking with Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile

Unlocking a phone from Tesco Mobile costs anything from £0 to £10. How much will depend on how long you've been with them and whether you've seen out the terms of your contract.

Tesco will unlock your Pay-As-You-Go phone for free 12 months after the date you bought it, otherwise it's £10 to unlock the phone.

If you're on a contract with Tesco, then your phone is free to unlock. Sometimes if the phone is new, Tesco may not be able t ounlock the phone straightaway - they will let you know if this is the case.

It normally takes 7 working days for the unlocking code to come through but can take up to 28 days depending on the device.

Also refer to their terms of service for more information.

To obtain your 'unlatching' code (as they call it), call Customer Care on 0845 301 4455 (or 4455 from your Tesco Mobile) for further information on the qualifying period, applicable conditions and charges.

Visit Tesco Mobile for more information on how to unlock