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Phone Unlocking Quick Start Guide

Last updated 23-MAY-13

In order to use your giffgaff SIM in your current phone,  you may need to unlock your phone, so whilst you’re waiting for your SIM to arrive, why not get your phone ready for the arrival of your new SIM.

Here we’ve given you a very top line on one of the easiest methods to unlock your phone from another network; we offer other options – in some cases free step by step guides, and in other cases a list of third parties who will unlock your phone for a small fee – take a look around the Unlockapedia for your specific model for these options.

It’s often easier, particularly for iPhone users, to request an unlock from their current network, so here we’ve listed the number you need to call for each Network as a quick start guide.


Pay as you go – 450 (from your handset if you’re an Orange customer) or 07973 100 450

Pay Monthly – 150 (from your Orange handset) or 07973 100 150


0845 412 5000 and request a Network subsidy code


Pay monthly – 191 (from your handset) or 08700 700191

Pay as you go – 08700 77 66 55

3 Mobile

333 from your handset or 0843 3733 333


789 (from your handset) or 0345 6000 789

For other methods of unlocking your phone, either for free on your own, or via a third party unlocking system., visit the Unlockapedia.