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High streets still a Christmas hit with Brits.

With Christmas just around the corner, we at giffgaff wanted to find out what UK shoppers spend their cash on; whether they prefer to shop in-store or online, what they spend most of their money on and if they are inclined to donate to charity over the festive season.

We launched a survey of over 2,000 people to find out more, which revealed some startling results.

With easy payment options and speedy delivery slots available at our fingertips, mobile phones and tablets can help shoppers avoid the hectic Christmas queues. However, the survey results revealed a shocking 51.9% of all participants still choose to hit the high street when it comes to Christmas shopping. In fact, 44% of those surveyed stated they purchase expensive gifts in-store instead of online. Only 9.5% of respondents claimed they used their mobile phone for Christmas shopping.

These results clearly show that the festive tradition of Christmas shopping isn’t dead and that people put tradition over convenience when it comes to shopping for the festive period.

We were also able to break down how much money people spend on the various aspects of Christmas. A quarter of all survey participants said they can spend up to £700 on Christmas presents, alone.

We managed to retrieve some interesting stats on decorating, too. It turns out that 49.4% of people can decorate their homes at Christmas time for £30 or less. This shows that Brits can make a home festive on a budget.

Magnanimous Millenials

Shockingly our survey stats showed that 40% of British people don’t donate any money to charity over the Christmas period. However, our results also revealed a streak of generosity among the 18-24-year-olds of Britain, with 6% of them donating over £200 to charity at Christmas, the highest percentage for any age group. A further 10.5% said they donate between £50-£200.

Why not make a difference today, by spending a little on those less fortunate this Christmas and donating what you can to charity? There are hundreds of UK and International charities that could really benefit from your donations this December.

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