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eSIM is the future of mobile

New video reveals 83% of mobile experts say eSIMs will replace traditional SIM cards within five years.

Conducting interviews throughout the week-long conference, we spoke to some of the world's leading mobile experts, including Samsung and Sony, on where they saw mobile technology heading in the next five years.

Each expert provided insights into some of the fantastic mobile technology that we can expect to be developed in the near future. So, we've narrowed down some of the key highlights, below:

Will the sim card still be relevant in 5 years time?

  • "The eSIM is already disrupting.” – Andrei Petrus, Director, IOT business at Avira
  • “We do have technologies like eSIM, which are going to come in and allow you to do a SIM card through software, rather than just using a physical hardware. At the moment, we’re looking at both options in the market and that’s the way we see it for the foreseeable future.”– Kyle Brown, Head of Technology at Samsung UK

What is pushing the technology market at the moment?

  • “It’s not about making technology for technology’s sake, it’s to really change the customer’s lives.” – Kyle Brown, Head of Technology at Samsung UK
  • “Everyone and everything should be mobile and connected all the time” - Alex Gizis, CEO of Connectify

What is the biggest hurdle that currently impedes mobile technology?

  • “I would love it if my phone’s battery lasted all day… batteries seem to be stuck in the dark ages” - David Murphy, editor at Mobile Marketing Magazine.
  • “Security I think is the biggest hurdle that we’re all facing” – Elizabeth Gross, Chief Marketing Officer at Vital USA Inc.

So, contrary to popular belief, the SIM card isn’t dead. Instead, the future will see it expanding, evolving and improving our user experience, thanks to the advancements and development that the eSIM will bring.

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