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10 years of giffgaff means 10 years of run by you



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run by your

Meet this year’s run by you heroes

At giffgaff, our members are what make us who we are.

If you know giffgaff, you know we’re all about community. Our members are the beating heart of our business - and are what make giffgaff truly special.

They are the real stars, helping us all across the business. Co-creating, collaborating and keeping us truly ‘run by you’.

We work with our members to do all sorts of things. From developing the giffgaff offering, providing member help and support, and creating cool content; to supporting local communities and giving back to charity.

We’re on a mission to take ‘run by you’ to the next level. And this year we wanted to do even more to shine a light on some of the amazing members we work with every day. So, from February, we decided to hero one member each month, sharing their stories and highlighting how they’re making giffgaff work for them.

We have lots of different members, each with their own passions, interests and unique personalities, so ‘run by you’ can mean lots of different things. Maybe it’s recruiting new members to save up enough deposit to put down on a new home for your family. Or maybe it’s collecting payback points, giving you more to donate to charity throughout the year. Maybe it means new opportunities to flex your skills and work on something you’re passionate about. Or maybe it’s offering your expertise to help giffgaff and other members.

These are all true stories from our heroes this year and we’re sure there are many, many more from other members. But this one’s for our 10 heroes of 2019.

You’ve helped up to smash things this year, develop the giffgaff offering and drive home the true meaning of community. You’re all legends.

A recap of this years heroes

For anyone that’s missed our previous blogs or email alerts throughout the year, let’s remind you of this years’ heroes.

Take a read of their stories: Natty , Sally , Chris , Leeon , Kelly , Blake , Muhammad , Will , Anisa and Jesi .

You’re amazing, guys. giffgaff wouldn’t be the same without you - and the many members like you, that give ‘run by you’ its true meaning. Thanks again for being so brilliant.


So, as we look forwards to 2020 - lets cheers to another year of great memories, great successes and great heroes. And to many many more years of run by you.

For now - over and out, until the new year. And happy holidays :)

Written by kiesha_p

Kiesha is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.