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Earn £5 in Payback points every time you refer one of your mates to giffgaff and they activate their SIM.

Order more SIMs

Spread the giffgaff love by ordering more SIMs. We can send them directly to your friends and family or to you to hand them out in person.

Send email invitation

Spread the giffgaff love to your friends and family by sending them an email invitation to join or by sharing a link to your personal order page.

Share your page

All giffgaff members have their own SIM order page which you can share with Facebook, Twitter or link from a banner.

When you recommend a friend or family member to giffgaff or help your fellow members in the forums we’ll give you Payback points. Not once, but twice a year. It’s that simple.

How to earn Payback points

  • Send a SIM to your awesome friends. Once activated we’ll give you 500 Payback points, as well as a high five.
  • Share your SIM order page. For every SIM ordered and activated we will give you 500 Payback points.
  • Recommend friends with your member name when they order a SIM and you’ll get 200 Payback points.
  • Help out your fellow members on the giffgaff forum.

Points are added to your "My Payback" area on your account on the 5th of every following month.

Spread giffgaff

Our Payback currency is in pennies (1 point = 1 penny).

We keep track of all the Payback points you earn from your hard work and we send you monthly email statements. Then twice a year (in June and December), you choose how to use your points:

  • Cashback via PayPal
  • Airtime credit for your mobile
  • Donate them to charity
To be eligible for Payback you must have an active giffgaff SIM, have used your phone within 3 months before 31st MAY 2016 and upheld our Terms and Conditions.
Spread giffgaff
  • If you decide to redeem your Payback points as cash you’ll just need to add your PayPal email address (for your active PayPal account) via the Payback widget. Just FYI - you can only select cash if you've earned more than 1,000 points.

  • If you want to donate your Payback to charity the money will go to the charity chosen by our members. And in the wonderful spirit of giving, we'll match the total amount donated by all giffgaff members, pound for pound.

  • If you redeem your Payback for airtime credit, your points will be added to your account balance.

To find out more about Payback click here.

Spread giffgaff

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