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About giffgaff

Recruiting new members

What is 'share the love'?

As the mobile network run by you, we want our members to be part of our growth. To encourage this we reward you with Payback for helping bring new members to giffgaff. We call this 'sharing the love'.

Share the love

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How can I share the love?

It's easy. There are 3 main ways you can share the love:

  • Order SIMs to your address and hand them out
  • Send SIMs directly to your friends and family
  • Share your personalised SIM order page

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Super Recruiters

If you rock at sharing the giffgaff love and bring 15 new members to giffgaff you'll automatically become a Super Recruiter. Tah-dah.

You'll have more earning potential and we'll give you additional support to recruit members in the best possible way.

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Having trouble finding the right answer? Sign into your my giffgaff account and ask the community a question. Don't be shy.

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