Britain’s Strangest Christmas Gifts Revealed

15th January 2018

By James Story

giffgaff gameplan recently asked its community what the weirdest present they had ever received was...

Boy did we get some surprising answers. From Tickle Me Elmos (given to an adult) to alcoholic peaches (given to someone underage), the list of unusual gifts was endless. Someone even received a potato once... for Christmas!

In the end, we found eight presents that truly blew us away with how embarrassing, garish, or just flat-out strange they were, and we just had to share them with you:

Why waste any time getting to this one. This is, without a doubt, the strangest answer we received.

I don't know what's worse, the fact a family friend gave me a China penis or the fact they gave my mum one too. Suffice to say we don't need one of these, never mind two. It's in good condition, has no chips and needs to go.

Home decoration, potential pet replica or a charity money collector? We’ll let you decide.

I don't want a statue of any dog in my home, let alone one wearing a pink waistcoat. This was a gift from my boss, so shows we aren't on the best of terms. Missing an eye and one button on the waistcoat - ideal for a petless ornament fan.

A practical gift – some might even say useful. But we bet having pasta hands makes handling food even harder.

My mother thought these pasta oven gloves that make me look like I'm holding two halves of a garish frilly pillow case would encourage me to cook. She was wrong. Great condition and ideal for a carboholic - or for use as cushion covers.

We’re all for bringing an international twist to our presents, but this takes things a little too far.

A present from my uncle Barry. Genuine kangaroo leather covered with a soft layer of fur. It feels too weird in my hand and I keep finding it in my dog's bed, so I need to get rid of it. Never used - apart from by the poor kangaroo.

Another international gift, and this time it’s a little more appropriate, but hardly a fashion statement worth making.

This was a gift from an aunt who I haven't seen since I was seven. Having this awful hat in my home makes me cringe every day/ Good condition but might hurt your eyes. Great if you want to look like a original member of the Sugababes. 

We would’ve accepted ’25-year-old chocolate bar’ as a crazy answer, but what's puzzling is someone had given it a nibble

A gift from my great aunt Hilda from the year I was born. One corner has been nibbled - the tight old bat obviously needs new glasses. OK condition - probably not safe for consumption but ideal for a chocolate bar collector. 

Receiving a ring for Christmas is guaranteed to be special. Not so much, though, when you realise it’s from the cleaner

I've dreamt of getting a diamond ring since I was a little girl - just not from the cleaner at work. Good condition, but makes me feel uneasy. Perfect for someone who actually wants to marry you. P.S. HR have been informed. 

giffgaff gameplan also asked the community who they trusted the least to buy them a decent Christmas gift. The results pointed to aunts and uncles being the least trusted members of the family when it comes to gift giving, and spouses being the most trusted people. If you get a gift that’s not quite up your street this year, here are some tips to make the most of the situation:

Exchange It

Some high-street retailers have a special returns policy at Christmas stating you don’t have to produce a receipt to exchange your gift for something else. As long as the item’s packaging hasn’t been opened, you should be good to go.

Sell It

There is no shortage of auction and classified websites for you to list your item on if you want to sell it. Images are integral to someone clicking on your listing, so make sure to photograph your items in good lighting to show them off.

Upcycle It

Clothing is a particularly hard gift to get right - you may not know someone’s size or personal tastes, and something right for you may not appeal to them. If you receive anything you’re not sure about, consider upcycling it to make it more your style.

Donate It

If you’re feeling extra generous, you could donate presents you receive to charity. Many charities, such as The Salvation Army, Oxfam, and Present Aid, run campaigns in the holiday season for unwanted Christmas presents, so they can brighten the day of someone less fortunate.

Re-gift It

Our survey found that 44% of people said they’d re-gift a present to someone else if they didn’t like it. Workplace Secret Santa traditions can put pressure on gift-buyers, often because they’ve drawn the name of someone in a completely different department to them. Swapping parties aren’t uncommon once everyone returns from the Christmas holidays, so keep hold of your gift and credit card receipts until you can ask if someone at work might like it. Just make 

What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received for Christmas? Who was it from? Let us know with a comment below, chat to us on Facebook or send us a tweet @giffgaffgplan.

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