What If Car Brands Designed Football Kits?

26th February 2018

By Adam Smith

Advertising is crucial in the world of football. Car manufacturers are increasingly becoming synonymous with football – and not just because of the many players driving around in their expensive and flashy supercars. Chevrolet (GM) signed a record breaking deal to sponsor Manchester United; Ford are the official sponsor of FA Premier League Football coverage on Sky Sports; Vauxhall are sponsoring England, and pitch-side billboards are packed full of car ads.

This got our giffgaff gameplan car insurance comparison team thinking about what how car brands would design kits for Premier League teams, based on the public perceptions of both the teams and the cars.

How did we compare teams and manufacturers?

To understand the traits of different fanbases, we used YouGov’s Brand Profiling tools, Google Trends data and the Google Autocomplete feature to collect positive and negative traits associated with the top selling UK car manufacturers and the best ranked Premier League football teams of the decade.

We then used the data to look for correlations between the football teams and the car manufacturers, matching the teams to the manufacturers that had the most similar sentiment.  

Once we made the correlation between the PL football teams and car manufacturers, we then attempted to combine their branding and visualised how car brands would design kits for some of the world’s top teams.

Here are our suggested kits for Arsenal, Manchester United, Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Arsenal and Audi

Arsenal and Audi are both well known for their penchant for luxury, with Audi’s stylish cars comparing favourably with the silky skills of Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry etc.

What was the Inspiration?

Using inspiration from black Audi car designs such as the A3 and A4, mixed with Arsenal’s third kit, we came up with this stylish option.

Chelsea and Mercedes

Chelsea’s big spending and free-flowing football has turned them into one of the most luxurious PL teams, which compares favourably with Mercedes-Benz – a car manufacturer that has long been heralded as one of the top luxury brands on the market.

What was the inspiration?

By using a classic Mercedes-Benz car colour palette and the vintage logo, we were able to create a kit showcasing the style of Mercedes with the razzmatazz of the Premier League title holders.

Leicester and Citroȇn

Both Leicester and Citroën have suffered financial issues in recent times and managed to bounce back. Of course, Leicester won the Premier League in 2016 and Citroën is on its way up after being bought out by Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

What was the inspiration?

Our Leicester City kit simply uses the Citroën logo as stripes on the home kit, which is designed in the team’s regular colours of blue and white.

Liverpool and Ford

Both Liverpool and Ford have strong connections to America. The Merseyside Club are currently owned by the US-based Fenway Media Group, while Ford is headquartered near the Motor City, Detroit.

What was the inspiration?

This Liverpool kit uses the famous black and red Ford Fiesta design combined with Liverpool’s black away kit to create a classy mix of the two big-name brands.

Manchester City and BMW

After being bought out in 2008, Manchester City have grown to become one of the top teams in world football. It’s a similar path for BMW, which left its German roots to become a fully-fledged multinational company, producing vehicles all around the world.

What was the inspiration?

In 2014-15, Manchester City had a sash kit. BMW often include a three-striped sash on their sportier M models and clothing merchandise, making this design the perfect combination of the two brands.

Manchester United and Land Rover

Land Rover’s combination of size, speed and power has helped it to become a reliable figure in the motor industry, much like Manchester United. The Red Devils dominated the English game in the 90s and early 2000s and continue to vie for honours today.

What was the Inspiration?

This is a cross between the 2012/13 goalkeeper kit and a nod to Land Rover’s colours as well as a reference to the green and yellow kits from the team’s past.

Car Manufacturers Championship

Looking at the fanbases of Premier League teams, we found out their favourite car manufacturer and identified where they would be in our Car Manufacturers Championship.


The sturdy and reliable Ford came out on top with more than 3 million UK car registrations over the last decade, with Everton, Southampton and Man City completing the top four!

Our methodology behind the ranking table was to consider new car registration data over the past ten years to see which of the major car brands have been most successful in terms of new car sales in that time. From that list we looked at the top twenty (to mirror the Premier League table) in terms of registration popularity (using statistics from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) and assigned the corresponding football team to that brand.

What are your favourite kits of ours? Let us know on Twitter at @giffgaffgplan.

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