Our New Game Puts Bloggers' Saving Skills to the Test

14th May 2018

By James Story

Staying on top of your finances is a priority no matter if you’re trying to make your student loan stretch just a little bit further, saving for a deposit or planning to retire. You never stop learning how to handle your money better.

Saving for the future can be tough when you’ve got bills to pay, so we wanted to put people’s skills to the test with a special event: a board game night where bloggers could learn how to handle their money and compete to see who could save the most.

We created our very own board game – Spend or Save – where players start with £1,000. They must make it around the board to their next payday as they land on spaces that may give them money (Work Bonus, collect £200) or take it away (Internet Bill, pay £100). Along the way, they can choose to spend their money on important life goals, such as buying a house or getting married. These give you bonuses when you reach retirement (after ten laps around the board), but they cost a lot of money and may mean players struggle with the smaller bills they have to pay.

Over 20 bloggers were invited to Cuckoo, an amazing party venue in Leeds. The giffgaff gameplan team kicked off the night with a quick talk about how credit reports, loans, and even just cutting out a few bad habits can help anyone keep a tight grip on their finances. Afterwards, the competition was fierce as bloggers battled it out to win money for charity.

Many players were able to reach retirement with around £20,000 or even £30,000 put away. Thanks to a few mystery cards, others were caught out and lost surprisingly early. In the end, Kellie Dawson was our big winner as she saved a whopping £44,500. She won a £500 donation for Macmillan Cancer Support:

"I think the game we played was superb. I have teenage children and I definitely will get them to play it. This game reflects real life right now. There can be hidden outgoings around the corner that you haven't budgeted for. The game helps you to be aware of these possible pitfalls and budget accordingly. I chose Macmillan because many of my family and the people I know have been touched by cancer in one way or another. Macmillan make a huge difference at a worrying time. Their support is invaluable."

Luiza Calini came in second and picked up £250 for FAST UK, and Karl Young came a close third to score £100 for Mind. Everyone walked away with a mini bottle of Prosecco and our compliments go out to Cuckoo, who provided delicious pizza and drinks throughout the evening.

We’re so thrilled at how our Spend or Save board game night went down, we’re hosting another one in Birmingham on the 12th July. If you’re a Birmingham blogger who wants a shot at winning money for a charity of your choice, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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