Tips for Getting Cheap Car Insurance

7th February 2018

By Adam Smith

Many drivers are caught off guard by the expensiveness of their car insurance rates, which is why it is important to check the overall costs of any vehicle you look at.

What may seem like a great deal in the garage could be far more expensive than expected once insurance is taken into account. Before buying, make sure you check the insurance group of the car. Groups range from one (the cheapest) to 50 (the most expensive) and they are measured against research by the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. Information such as damage, the cost of parts, repair times, and the value and the availability of body shells can influence the cost as well as more obvious criteria such as performance and security.

Therefore, even if the vehicle you are looking at is very popular, insurance can be more expensive than anticipated if there is low availability for particular parts it uses. Cheap cars to buy and insure include the Vauxhall Corsa and the Ford Fiesta, though costs will vary depending on model and trim.

How to Get cheap car insurance

Although buying a car that is cheap to run can make a big difference to insurance costs, there are other ways that drivers can reduce their insurance expenses.

Make sure you compare car insurance, which will give you policy options based on your vehicle and individual circumstances.

While it is difficult to work out the best way to get cheap car insurance, here are some great tips to reduce the cost of your cover:

Build up no claims

Drivers who are on the road for several years without making any insurance claims can benefit from a no claims bonus (NCB). An NCB of five years or more in particular is likely to result in a big discount on your premium.

Pay up front

Car insurance can be significantly cheaper if a yearly payment is made up front. This is a particularly good option for experienced drivers, who may be able to cover the cost in one payment. This will be cheaper than the overall cost of monthly repayments.

Use a black box

Black boxes can help to make a massive difference to the cost of premiums. These devices encourage safer driving and can make vehicles easier to find in the event they are stolen. If you choose to use a black box, your insurer will track your driving habits and change your premium depending on the quality of your driving.

Increase your excess

Your excess is the amount of money you must pay towards any claims made on your policy. By deciding to pay a higher voluntary excess, the insurer’s costs will drop significantly. If you decide to do this, the main factor to consider is that the amount of the excess will come out of your pocket if a claim needs to be made, making it essential that you choose an amount of money that is affordable.

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