Balance transfer credit cards guide

Transfer your existing debt to avoid paying unnecessary interest

How does a 0% balance transfer credit card work?

  • Existing debt is transferred to a 0% balance transfer credit card
  • Enjoy 0% interest on a balance for a limited time
  • Many 0% balance credit cards will charge an initial one-off transfer fee
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0% Balance transfer credit cards: what you should consider

Why use a 0% balance card transfer credit card?

If you have balances on other credit cards and want to lower your costs, a credit card offering 0% balance transfer can be extremely beneficial. These credit cards are a great way to manage debt and make sure you do not end up paying a large amount of interest on several credit cards.

How do you switch?

Use our eligibility calculator and comparison service to find a credit card that suits your requirements, then you can apply online and focus on cutting the cost of your debt.

How long does 0% interest last?

The 0% interest element of the credit card usually lasts for a specific length of time only, so you should check how long the 0% interest period lasts as it can differ greatly between providers.

If you do not pay off your payments before the end of the 0% interest period, credit cards will revert to a standard, more expensive rate of interest, meaning it is vital for you to keep on top of the required payments.

Check if there is a balance transfer fee

Most credit card providers charge a balance fee when debt is moved between credit cards, and this charge can vary between different companies. Paying this fee may counteract the benefits of a 0% interest deal. Make sure you explore the market before committing toa deal.

When should you not use a 0% balance transfer credit card?

If you are transferring existing debt onto a 0% balance transfer credit card, try to avoid making new purchases on the card. However, if you really need to continue spending, consider applying for a credit card with a 0% purchases deal. These credit cards offer 0% interest on your spending for a designated period.

Check if you could get this credit card

Try our credit card eligibility calculator

Use our credit card eligibility calculator to identify cards you are most likely to be approved for, without your credit rating being negatively affected

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Take a look at all the credit cards we have available and find the perfect one for your individual circumstances.

Our credit card types

Choose the best type of credit card to suit your needs.

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0% balance transfer

Avoid paying interest on your outstanding credit balance.

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0% purchase

Spread the cost of big purchases with 0% interest.

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Balance transfer and purchases

Credit cards for combining existing debt and new spending.

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Credit building

Credit Cards designed to help you improve your credit rating.

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Earn money back by making the most of your spending.

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Earn points, discounts and goodies when you spend.

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Use abroad

Find deals for using a credit card abroad.

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Money transfer

Transfer money directly to your current account.

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