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Compare gas and electricity prices

It’s always good to see what’s available on the energy market. With our compare service, you can find prices across a host of different energy providers.

You’ll be able to:

  • Cut down on the time it takes to find the best deal
  • Access quotes from hundreds of suppliers
  • Potentially make big annual savings on your energy bills

Why should I switch?

Energy bills can fluctuate greatly, so if you’ve been with your current energy provider for a while, there may be a cheaper alternative out there. By switching energy suppliers, you could :

  • Make your monthly bills cheaper
  • Switch to a dual fuel deal, which could save you money
  • Find small suppliers who often offer cheaper tariffs

Variable versus fixed-rate tariffs

There are two ways to pay for your gas and electricity:

Fixed-rate energy plan

  • Your energy prices stay the same for a set amount of time, usually one year
  • If your energy provider raises their rates, yours will remain unaffected
  • In the case of a price decrease, you wouldn’t see the positive effects of this

Variable-rate energy plan

  • Unlike a fixed-rate energy plan, a variable-rate energy plan can go up and down in price
  • Variable-rate energy plans are often the cheapest on the market
  • It’s easier to switch suppliers on a variable-rate plan

How much can I save by switching energy suppliers?

For most people, money is the main motivation behind switching energy providers. The difference between the various energy providers can be substantial and it’s estimated that switching energy providers can save anywhere between £200 – £300 in annual bills (subject to personal circumstances).

Why does switching save me money?

Energy companies will often offer introductory, lower tariffs, which usually last a year. Once this year has ended, the price you pay defaults to the standard, higher tariff. If you’ve never switched energy supplier before, it’s very likely you’ll be able to find a more competitive deal.

Smaller providers often offer cheaper monthly and annual rates, but larger brands sometimes have more available resources to solve potential issues, which is something to consider when switching energy provider.

Are dual tariffs cheaper?

Dual tariffs – contracts that include both electricity and gas – are common and can sometimes be cheaper than paying for each resource individually. This isn’t always the case, however, so it’s worth checking the rates of gas and electricity individually, though this does require having two points of contact rather than one.

The best time to switch

Checking prices is a good idea all year round, as it’s never too soon to start saving money on your monthly energy bills. Many people choose to switch in autumn as the seasons grow colder and the heating in your home is inevitably turned on more often, so we’d recommend researching in the summer and making the big move before winter to maximise your savings.

Another key time to switch is when your fixed-rate tariff contract is coming to an end. Providers will transfer your account onto the standard, higher rate tariff at the end of your agreed tariff. To avoid this, make a note of the date your tariff runs out according to your contract, then be ready to switch that month.

Possible charges and small print

Variable-rate tariffs are easier to leave as there’s usually no fixed contract, so you’ll be able to switch whenever you please.

Fixed tariff contracts are harder to leave within the contracted period, and you may have to pay to switch before the date specified when you signed up. You should be given notice seven weeks before your contract ends, where you won’t be charged any fees.

Why giffgaff compare?

At giffgaff we like to put you in control. We provide you with information that is comprehensive yet easy to understand in order to help you to make the right decision for you.

Our compare service

  • Takes the stress out of comparing energy prices
  • Suggests services based on your situation
  • Offers super simple information to help you make informed decisions

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