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30th August 2018 - Newcastle

Money, money, money, must be funny - well, according to ABBA... but it’s not funny, it can be tough. So, we're hosting a workshop to help you put more cash away, improve your credit score and get your foot on the property ladder.

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Event schedule:

6pm   Arrival
6.15pm - 6.55pm   All sessions to be run
6.55pm - 7.20pm   Break and food
7.20pm - 8pm   All sessions to be run
8pm - 9pm  Experts 1-1 Q&A

What to expect:

Bad Credit
Here’s the deal.
Don’t let your score drag you down. There are a number of things you can do now to improve it.

Don’t miss out on free exclusive tips and tricks from our experts.

Taking your first step on the property ladder can be a confusing time. Come along and let our experts clear up these key points:

  • - How to talk to brokers and lenders
  • - Negotiating the application process
  • - Choosing the right mortgage for you

Everyday Saving Tips
Looking to take the trip of a life time, get a car on the road or just put some money aside for a rainy day? Make saving a breeze with cost-cutting tips and activities like bulk buying, meal prepping and searching out free events with our experts.

Event details

30th August

Hilton Newcastle Gateshead
Bottle Bank