Creative, low cost date ideas that would spark any date night!

By Maddy Burrows

Planning what to do for that hot date around the corner? Here's our low cost date night guide. Enjoy.

Depending on when you’re reading this blog, you may or may not have Valentine’s day on your mind- a holiday associated not just with love, but with inflated prices too- anything for love, right? But if you’re creative, and just a little bit savvy, you can dodge these price inflations on Valentine’s day, and save money on romantic dates all year round too. There are so many possibilities- from picnics, to cooking and crafts, and even setting up your own movie theatre (albeit with a lack lustre screen)!

Picnic under the twilight

The sun sets at 17:13 on February the 14th 2017. So why not try wrapping up warm, packing a couple of candles, a bottle of wine, and some food, and organising a picnic as the sun goes down? (And providing the weather is nice, you don’t have to just stick to just Valentines day for this, as long as you keep an eye on the weather, this works a charm all year round.) You might already have many of the things that you ‘need’, and even if you don’t- you can improvise! Alternatively, if the weather isn’t behaving itself, you could always try having a candlelit picnic inside the warmth and comfort of your own living room.

One of the great things about this date is that it leaves space for improvisation; you could invest in a lovely picnic rug (which you can use again and again), or you could just use an old blanket that you don’t mind getting a bit mucky. Use your imagination, and it could be as cheap or expensive as you’d like!

Get your crafts on

Sparing the odd hay fever sufferer, most people really like flowers. They’ve been a staple of our romantic culture for years- so why not try a new, slightly goofy (but still romantic!) take on them? Get together with your sweet-heart, and craft bouquets for each other! There are tons more projects that you can get creative with- Pinterest is a great tool to find them!

Releasing your inner creativity side release chemicals in your brain that make your brain carefree and joyous - a bit like the feeling you get when you fall in love. Also by doing crafty activities together, you get to create meaningful memories to keep your relationship spicy & fun.

Mock movie theatre

Allocate a room where you can be alone and try to mock-up your own movie theatre. Make some comfortable seating (cushions on the floor, just like when you were kids!) And put your laptop up somewhere higher than you (A chair), turn the lights off and munch on some popcorn or some other unhealthy snack.

Make sure to get a film that neither of you have ever seen before! My partner and I make a habit of often choosing very bad movies to watch together on Netflix, that way, we’re unlikely to have seen them before, and hopefully we’ll hit one of those ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ movies. You could even go the extra mile and order pizza before you start watching the movie- you should always check the pizza company’s blog and discount sites for special offers!

Make your own pizza (from scratch!)

This might take a bit of time, but it is an activity that you can do together, as a couple- and you can even make a date out of it! There are tons of really good, simple, easy to follow websites out there for making pizza, but BBC good food tends to be one of the best sources for recipes. If pizza isn’t your thing, or you want a bit of a healthier choice, one website that I use a lot is Meat Free Mondays- which is packed with yummy vegetarian choices.

The sweetest part is knowing that you made it together! And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not try making desserts together? You can find some great recipes on Jamie Oliver’s website too!

Free apps to get those idea juices going

Check out local events happening in your area, there are usually some free booklets that you can pick up, for example, there’s one in Glasgow called ‘Westender’ which lists the major events happening on the West End of Glasgow. One of the perks of living in the digital age is that there are also a fair few free Apps to help you discover activities going on in your local area such as Dojo, and Now to help you if you’re feeling a bit stumped!

Top Takeaway

If you’re feeling cash strapped, there are tons of things that you can do with your significant other that require little or no money at all. If you’re savvy- and a little creative too- you can seek out lots of romantic activities without breaking the bank!


By Maddy Burrows

Maddy is a freelance illustrator and writer. She love travelling, attending cat shows, and writing short stories. Maddy also run a micro business selling her designs online.

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