How to enjoy your honeymoon without breaking the bank

By Jenn Taft

Have a look through our ways to have a fantastic honeymoon to top off your wedding, without blowing the budget

Living your dream wedding is a wonderful feeling, and one that is hard to come down from. Planning a honeymoon you will both enjoy is therefore really important.

But won’t that be expensive?

Where do you start?

Planning for your honeymoon properly will make it easier to organise.

A great place to start is to ask each other what sort of holiday you actually want. Do you want a city break, a beach holiday, an adventure, a mixture of all of these? Once you have worked out what you want, it makes it easier to plan for it. It also means you can start searching the extensive variety of holidays available on the internet!

What’s your budget? Whatever your budget may be you will always want value for money. Knowing what you can afford goes a long way to helping you choose your honeymoon so make sure you are clear from the start what that maximum budget is.


Destination inspo:

Want to get those brain juices flowing? Why not head on over and take a look at our seriously underrated travel destinations.

What type of holiday are you looking for?

Chasing the sun

You can head for the sun, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of some of the world’s most tranquil locations. You can do it affordably too! If you have your heart set on a luxurious location, take the time to research the hotels in the area as there may be some lesser known hotels that are a little cheaper and yet just as wonderful.

Make sure to go all-inclusive too as this can save you a lot of added expense from food and drinks. No one likes the expenses bill at the end of their break so avoid it with all-inclusive catering.


Fancy a city break?

I did a city break to New York for my honeymoon and it didn’t disappoint. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria and it was exactly as we’d hoped it would be. Furthermore we didn’t pay a small fortune to do so because we booked all of our flights, transfers and rooms together at the same time.

Other city breaks include Paris, Rome and Barcelona, or further afield to Boston or Los Angeles.

Let’s explore!

If you are up for adventure, then there are plenty of stunning locations to choose from. The Riviera Maya in Mexico, Cape Town in South Africa and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia all offer fantastic excursions such walking through underground tunnels, swimming with sharks and snorkelling with some of the most beautiful tropical wildlife. With such trips all set in stunning scenery, you’d be foolish to ignore it!


I prefer it cold!

For some, the snow is too good a thing to miss, so if the snow is for you then there are plenty of places to consider. Like searching for sun, finding places with good snow depends heavily on the time of year that you are looking. If you go at Christmas time then your chances for snow are a little higher, but then if you wish to travel to the other side of the world for some snow you can do that in the UK summer months. Just note that having to travel a long distance to find the snow may well increase the price you pay!

Some snow honeymoons include:

Iceland, where you can take in the Northern Lights between October and March and delight in the huge amount of snow that falls there.

Quebec in Canada between January and March for some dog sledging!

The French Alps for lots of skiing and fun in the snow.


Just stay right where you are

Staying in your home country is a great holiday option when trying to stick to a budget. That doesn’t mean it has to be shabby though! Staycations are a very valid option for newly-weds as you can usually make your money go a little further, thanks to the lack of flights to pay for.

So go on the hunt for that perfect country retreat, a room with a sea view or a vibrant city break to relieve all the stresses from planning the wedding.

How can you save further?

Plan it in advance

The best thing to do is to start looking early. The sooner you can start looking for your honeymoon, the more likely you are to find travel companies having a sale or when destinations are cheaper to visit. Being organised could save you a lot of money.


Get appy-happy with these top travel apps

There are so many apps on the market which can help you save time, money, and face both throughout your trip and during the planning stages before it. Take a look at our top picks here.

Research your honeymoon

Plenty of research means you are far more likely to find exactly what you want. Websites like Tripadvisor and TravelSupermarket offer great information and reviews from holiday makers to help you make decisions.

Also do some research around your currency. Are the markers set to change? When will be a good time to buy your honeymoon money? You could look into using a Travel Rewards Credit Card, which will give you 0% on your spending abroad. If it saves you money then it is worth thinking about.

Have you got air miles or points to cash in? Saving these until your honeymoon is a great idea as it can help you with the cost of travel. When flights are one of the biggest costs, it’s worth planning ahead.


Flaunt being a newlywed!

Hearing you are newly married is never a dull conversation so make sure you drop your status in when booking in for flights, in to your hotel and when out on trips. You could end up with free upgrades for your flight seats or your hotel room, and you may have some extras thrown in like free wine, dinners or experiences. All well worth the schmoozing!

Register your honeymoon

You can register your honeymoon in the same way you register for wedding gifts. This is a fantastic way to build up spending money, especially if you already live together and really don’t want to register for gifts that you just don’t need. Your guests can contribute to the cost of the holiday, dining or spa packages and experiences. If it will make you happy after a busy wedding day then they will appreciate putting their money to good use in helping you to enjoy yourselves.

Do it all together!

A great way to save money is to go abroad to get married and then enjoy your honeymoon straight after in the same place. You could have your friends and family around you for your wedding and once they leave you can wind down and enjoy your honeymoon location.

And finally…

My top advice to you is to use a travel agent. Once you have done your research and found where you want to go, pop in to some of your local travel agents and ask them what they can do the trip for and whether they can get you any discounts. If you’ve found it cheaper than they quote then tell them - they are likely to try and match your quotation so as to gain your custom.


Using a travel agent also means the money you have spent on your honeymoon should be protected should anything go wrong. Look out for the ‘ATOL protected’ mark, and that the firm is ABTA qualified. Also use a credit card to pay as this will guarantee your transaction is protected.


Author bio: Jenn is a freelance writer and physics teacher from the West Midlands. She has a love of writing about personal finances, especially how they change when you become a parent, and enjoys the honesty that such writing brings. When not writing, teaching or being a mum, Jenn loves nothing more than indulging her love of hospital and police based documentaries, and cake. ?

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