Luxury vs. Adventure? Which is the better lifestyle?

By Charlotte Yau

Drake’s $350,000 McLaren car or travelling the world twice. Which would you choose?

Have you ever wondered just what the world has to offer? There are some amazing experiences out there that are just waiting for you to dive into and remember forever. While many of us would love to have the money to freely take up these experiences, sometimes those who have the means spend it on something a little more frivolous.

We wanted to look back on some of the biggest celebrity spends we could find so far from 2016, and see not just how much was spent but also what that money could afford if you decided to take a more adventurous route with it.



Gigi Hadid’s $2,000 Met Gala Manicure

Fashion model and television personality Gigi Hadid went all out with these metallic nails for her appearance at the Met Gala back in May, spending a little over £1,500. Certainly flashy, but how can new nails compare to a week in Barcelona studying photography, or a massive 57 days trekking through the Amazon rainforest?


Kylie Jenner’s $5,000 Cartier Love Bracelet

This year we learned that Kylie Jenner doesn’t just love her Cartier bracelet, she literally couldn’t take it off her wrist. She’s definitely getting good use out of her near £4,000 piece of jewellery, but that money could have paid for swimming with dolphins six times. For a truly unforgettable experience, however, you could help teach English to children in Cambodia for almost two months!



Sam Thompson’s £24,320 Hydeout Bar Bill

The Made in Chelsea star racked up a massive bill at the Hydeout bar back in January, with over £24,000 spent on drinks for his friends in one night. Instead, he could have afforded Chelsea season tickets for the next 28 seasons, or alternatively donated time to a charity project in South Africa, such as eight months of eco-training or taking care of children and animals for a year.


Princess Charlotte’s £30,000 Rattle

For her first birthday, the Natural Sapphire Company gave Princess Charlotte a white gold rattle complete with diamonds and sapphires in May of this year. £30,000 can take you to some of the world’s most breath-taking locations, including bobsledding in Norway 28 times, or enjoying the surrounding peaks of Mt. Everest itself 16 times; experiences most people would love to have just once!



Beyoncé’s $83,960 ‘Formation’ Wardrobe

Harper’s Bazaar estimated the cost of the wardrobe worn by Beyoncé in her recent music video for her song ‘Formation’ at £63,284. You could spend that money on her nine outfits from the video, or you could instead run the New York marathon with a 275-strong crowd of your friends. Alternatively, you could make a massive impact by giving three years of your life to protecting Kenyan wildlife.


Drake’s $350,000 McLaren Car

Last on our list of outrageous spends: the over £250,000 McLaren 675LT Drake purchased in April to celebrate his latest album hitting the shelves. Only 500 of the cars were made, but that money could also have completely funded nine undergraduate degrees. In fact, you could enjoy a road trip across America 94 times, or visit every single country in the world. Twice.


Rather than frivolous nights out or expensive cosmetics, you should consider saving for the opportunity to explore foreign countries and appreciate the world around you. These experiences not only thrill and exhilarate you, but can also awaken a new passion, nurture artistic talents, and show future employers that you’re not afraid to go outside of your comfort zone in a big way.

What would you like to see and do? Travel foreign countries? Learn great new skills? Volunteer your time to those who need help? Let us know with a comment below or through Twitter @giffgaff.

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